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Our new Dental Implant System to replace missing teeth is more comfortable and affordable than traditional dental implants! Main Family Dental Care can help you make an informed decision if you think you need a dental implant.

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Davenport Dentists Remove Dental Implant Inconvenience

The Davenport dentists at Main Family Dental Care place and restore the implant from start to finish. Many dental offices in the Quad Cities send their patients to a specialist to place the implant. The inconvenience of going to several offices increases the cost and involves more time for the patient. At Main Family Dental Care in Davenport we save you time and money!

New Dental Implant System

Main Family Dental Care, located in Davenport, Iowa is using a new dental implant system to help patients replace missing teeth. The BASIC dental implant system uses a revolutionary placement method that uses a minimally invasive surgery to place the implant into the gum area of the missing tooth.

Conventional Implant Surgery

Conventional implant surgery involves radical painful surgery that requires weeks of post operative pain and swelling. BASIC implants make a small opening in the gum the size of a pencil eraser, just big enough to place the dental implant.

Less Pain or Discomfort

No sutures are required and many patients say that they felt no pain or discomfort during or after the dental implant placement. Because no sutures where placed and because the implant placement is done without gum removal, there is less swelling, less post-operative pain and faster healing.

After the implant is placed, the body will need to accept and integrate the titanium implant for 3 to 6 months. It is important that the patient maintain good oral hygiene to increase the chances of the body accepting the dental implant. After the dental implant is healed, the patient returns for a 15 minute impression appointment and then 10 days later the crown or tooth is cemented into the implant. The last two appointments are pain free and the patient does not need to be numb for the impression or cementation of the implant. The crown that is cemented is natural and tooth colored and is indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Patients who are candidates for dental implant placement must be healthy patients with healthy gums and teeth. Patients must have adequate healthy bone to receive the dental implant and cannot smoke or be on any type of osteoporosis medication or drugs. Currently Main Family Dental Care of Davenport does not accept patients for dental implants who smoke or who are uncontrolled diabetics, due to the increased chance of infection.The costs for dental implants are $1995 – $2495, including the final crown. Costs depend on the amount of bone and necessity of bone grafting.

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