Why Mouthwash is Bad for You and Your Mouth

Patients like to ask me as their dentist, what mouthwash I recommend?. For years, my answer has been, I don’t like mouthwash. Mouthwash has harsh chemicals which dry your mouth and kill bad and good bacteria in your mouth and in your gut. When you kill bad bacteria you also kill some of the good bacteria. Then the bad bacteria come back with a vengeance. When you use mouthwash you will also swallow some mouthwash which then kills some of the beneficial bacteria in your gut. The good bacteria in your gut produce life sustaining vitamins and chemicals needed for health.

Recent research has proven again that your oral health determines your overall health. Bacteria linked to pancreatic cancer were found in the mouths of patients with pancreatic cancer. These cancer patients also were missing some friendly bacteria in their mouths.
Also it was discovered that a certain bacteria that causes tooth decay can destroy the human papiloma virus(HPV). The HPV virus is responsible for 85% of head and neck cancers. So when you rinse with mouthwash you may be killing some life saving bacteria that can kill the HPV virus.

Brushing and flossing will is the best way to keep your mouth healthy. Also a little yogurt and some kefir will keep your mouth and gut healthy with friendly bacteria.

I would run away as fast as I could from any dentist recommending mouthwash.

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