Tooth Pain

What causes tooth pain or toothaches? In this post I will discuss what causes a toothache and tooth pain and how to stop a toothache. When you know what makes a tooth hurt and what makes a tooth feel better, you will help your dentist determine what treatment will relieve your tooth pain.
So let’s get right into the real causes of tooth pain. If a tooth hurts when you eat sweets this is most likely a leaky filling or a new cavity.

If tooth pain or toothache is caused by biting this may indicate a cracked tooth. Sometimes a cracked tooth can be treated with a root canal treatment or an extraction.

If a tooth hurts spontaneously meaning it starts hurting for no reason or it wakes you up at night this means that the nerve inside the tooth is dying and you will need a root canal treatment.

If the tooth hurts when you drink cold fluid and then goes away this means the nerve is injured or bruised and the tooth may get better. The cold sensitivity may go away or get better. This cold sensitivity may happen after a filling and is normal and may mean that the cavity was very deep and near the nerve. This does not mean your dentist is a bad dentist it just means your dentist did a good job cleaning out the cavity.

If the the tooth pain happens when you eat hot foods this means the tooth needs a root canal treatment.

If your teeth hurt only in the morning it could mean you are grinding your teeth. Your dentist can make you a mouth guard to keep you from grinding and may help with tooth pain.

How to stop a toothache by yourself

Many times a toothache or dental emergency happens when your dental office is closed on the weekend or evenings. So this is a how stop a toothache until you can see your dentists.

It is important to first determine what type of toothache you have and then follow these directions very carefully. If you have ANY SWELLING associated with a toothache this treatment will NOT work and you must seek medical attention immediately if you have ANY swelling with a toothache. If there is no swelling and you have a broken tooth or if you have a lost filling or broken crown or loose crown this post is for you. I will explain how to fix a broken tooth by yourself.

If the tooth is broken and you have a hole in the tooth and IF this is a new situation you can plug the hole on a temporary basis with DentTemp from Walgreens. DenTemp costs under $5.00 and allows you to fix a hole or broken tooth if there is no swelling. Simply take a pea size piece of DenTemp and place over the hole in your tooth. Make sure to bite down so that when the DenTemp sets it will not interfere with your bite. When the DenTemp gets wet from your saliva it will get very hard and you will not be able to remove the DentTemp. This will protect the tooth and prevent the sharp edges from cutting your tongue. IF you have any swelling after placing DenTemp call your dentist or doctor immediately.

If the nerve of the tooth is exposed, The DenTemp has medicine that MAY dull the pain until, you can see a dentist.

Toothaches Part 1

What exactly is a toothache and what causes a toothache?
In this series you will know better than most dentists the cause toothaches. Because of misdiagnosis many patients waste time and costs with unnecessary treatments. You can help your dentist and relieve most toothaches by knowing what makes a toothache feel better or worse.
A toothache can be totally harmless and in some cases a warning of a very life threatening condition.
Without even looking at the tooth in question I can determine the cause of a toothache by asking the patient some simple questions. In dental school I learned that the patient will always tell you what is wrong with them simply by asking questions and then listening to the things that cause the tooth to ache. Also asking the patient what makes the tooth feel better. In the next part I will discuss the different sensations that cause pain, hot, cold, sweet, biting and spontaneous pain.