How To Treat a Dry Socket

This is another question and answer about dry socket:
Q.What is a dry socket?
A. A dry socket is a local infection in the jaw bone usually after a tooth extraction.
Q. What are the symptoms of a dry socket?
A. Symptoms of a dry socket are extreme constant pain usually 4-5 days after a tooth extraction
Q. What is the treatment of a dry socket?
A. The best treatment for a dry socket is a visit to the dentist that extracted the tooth for placement of a medicine called iodoform paste placed in the socket
Q. Is there a home remedy or natural homeopathy treatment for dry socket?
A. A natural homeopathic treatment for dry socket is to apply clove oil to a damp gauze and bite on the gauze to cover the socket. You should first try to clean the socket of any food by rinsing the socket with a syringe if possible.

As your Quad Cities Dentist and a Davenport Dentist that treats dry sockets I suggest that you try a natural treatment first.

Coconut Oil Benefits

Here are more benfits of coconut oil.

1) Increase metabolic rate in human or animal body. Coconut oil affects your thyroid in a good way.
2) Coconut oil also has only has 7 cal per gram, inlike most fats that have 9 cal per gram. So coconut oil is less fattening than other oils or fat.
3) Coconut oil is classifies as a functional food. A functional food provides health benefits and provides basic nutrients . As a functional food, coconut has fatty acids which provide both energy (nutrients) and antimicrobial properties (functional component).

About 50% of the fatty acids in coconut fat are from lauric acid. Lauric acid is a medium chain fatty acid. Lauric acid is also found in mother’s breast milk. Lauric is antiviral, antibacterial, and antiprotozoal used by the human to destroy lipid coated viruses such as HIV and herpes.

As a Davenport Iowa dentist, your whole body health is important for your oral health.
And that is the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.

Also, approximately 6-7% of the fatty acids in coconut fat are capric acid. Capric acid is another medium chain fatty, which has also has antimicrobial functions including antiviral effects against HIV and is being tested for antiviral effects against herpes simplex and antibacterial effects against chlamydia. It is the fat in coconut oil that kills lipid coated DNA and RNA viruses including HIV and herpes viruses as well gram positive bacteria.
4) Coconut oil is also very stable for long periods of time, meaning it will not get rancid.

Coconut Oil

Our natural coconut oil is one of the best oils to cook with, if not the best. Coconut oil contains vital nutrients that are necessary for like and good health.
1) Coconut oil can withstand high temperatures when used for cooking, other healthy oils like olive oil are harmed during cooking.
2) Coconut oil can kill harmful fugus, I recommend applying coconut oil to skin areas affected by fungus like angular cheilitis, a fungal infection around the mouth or to kill athelete’s foot.
3) Coconut oil contains vital medium chain fatty acids that is a preferred fuel for you heart.
4) Lauric Acid and Capric acid is found in breast milk and coconut oil. These two oils are converted in the body into antiviral, and antimicrobial chemicals.
5) You can brush your teeth with coconut oil and keep your mouth healthy.

And as your Davenport Dentist, that’s the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.

The Kiss of Death

Kissing may kill you, really! I’m not kidding. The HPV can be transmitted by kissing. There has been a 25% increase in oral cancer in the last 10 years.

We all know the increased risk of oral cancer in smokers and alcohol drinkers, but many people are not aware of the oral cancer risks with the HPV (Human Papiloma Virus). HPV is responsible for over 85% of head and neck cancers. We are aware of the increased risks of cervical cancer in women infected with HPV.

Ok, here’s another interesting fact about HPV. Male circumcision can reduce the risks of HPV transmission. God knew what he was talking about when he told Abraham to get circumcised. There is a movement to stop male circumsion. However, women whos partner’s are not circumcised have a higher rate of cervical cancer.

Gum Disease

Gum disease affects over 50% of the popualtion. What are the symptoms and causes of gum disease? As a Davenport dentist, I will explain gum disease in a question and answer format.

Q.What is gum disease?
A. Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is an infection of the gum and supporting tissues of the teeth. Periodontal disease affects the gums and bone that suppor the teeth.
Q. What are the symptoms of gum disease?
A. Most of the time, gum disease is silent, no symptoms, no pain. In it’s beginning stages, periodontal diseae starts as gingivitis. Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums and early symptoms are bleeding gums. Many patients say they notice bleeding gums, but think bleeding is normal. Your gums should never bleed. Bleeding is a sign of inflammation.
Q. What are the causes of gum disease?
A. There are many opinions and treatment ideas. It is my opinion that most periodontal disease is caused by diet. And lack of essential nutrients. I have found that vegans and vegetarians have more gum issues becasue their diet is deprived of essential fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients like zinc, vitamin B-12, Co Q 10 ( essential for heart and gum health). Vegans do not get proper essentail proteins found only in animal proteins and essential amino acids that contain sulfur which is needed for a healthy mouth. Vegans are essentially starving and in a sense, veganism is a slow starving death. The gums fall apart because nutrient deficiencies.
Q. What is a healthy diet?
A. Here is a very easy answer: Eat like a caveman. When you wnat to know what to eat, think if a caveman would eat what you are going to eat. Would a caveman drink soda? Would a cavman eat cereal, soy, candy, and bread. Caveman ate animal protein everyday. Animal protein is essential for good health, even the fat and skin and cartilage.
Q. What should healthy gums look like?
A. Healthy gums should appear pink and not red, no bleeding no swelling.
Q, How does this Davenport dentist treat gum disease?
A. Many times, we first recommend a cleaning ao scaling or root planning to remove calculus or tarter. When your diet is improper, you can accumulate tarter whcih can only be removed by a dentist or dental hygienist.
Q.What food supplements is recommended for gum disease?
A. Normally, I recommend fish oil or flax seed oil to reduce inflammation and gum inflammation.

Davenport Dentist

How to find a Davenport dentist in Davenport Iowa.

Davenport Iowa has about 70 fantastic general dentist along with some of the best dental specialist in the region.

When you are looking for a Davenport Dentist here are a few things to keep in mind.

Find a dentist that has an office that is up to date in the following important areas.

1) Radiography. Ask if the dental office uses up to date digital x-ray equipment. Digital x-rays use 90% less raditation than old film x-rays. Digital x-rays can be safely store off site and protected from fire and storm damage.
2) Intraoral camera: Find an office that uses a modern intra oral camera to show you what is happening in your mouth
2) Diagnodent-Is a new laser cavity detector that is painless and detects cavities missed by traditional methods. Find a davenport dentist that uses a Diagnodent
3) Digital record keeping. Find an office that uses computer record keeping. Find a Davenport dentist that protects the safety of your dental records and radiographic images with modern offsite backup and safe encryption.
4) Officec Hours- Make sure the Davenport dental office has patient friendly evening hours.
5) Treatment options- ask if the Davenport dental office gives you a choice of trewatment options. Beware of big treatment plans that come along with high pressure tactics.
6) Copy of your exam: We give patients a copy of their radiographs and intra oral pictures so so can see the changes in your mouth.
7) Diet: Most dental problems are preventable. Most dental problems are caused by improper diet and not oral hygiene. Find a Davenport dentist that is knowledgeable in diet and proper nutrition. Proper diet can keep you out of the dental chair and healthy.

And that’s the whole tooth and nothing nut the tooth.

Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste

Is tea tree oil toohpaste healthy?
A. There are several brand of toothpaste that contain tea tree oil as a medication for patients with gum disease. The idea is that tea tree oil is antimicrobial and therefore is a benefit to patients that have gum disease.
There is only one problem, tee tree oil does bad things to your thyroid, bad things like permanent damage to the organ. Now when I mention this fact , patient are confused. How could something “natural” be harmful? Well, uranium is “natural”, so is mercury. Just becasue something is natural does not meanit is healthy.

So please don’t use tea tree oil in you mouth. If you are concerned about harmful bacteria in your mouth, try some probiotics. Natural lactofermented vegetables are healthy and nutritious and they help populate you gut with beneficial bacteria needed for health.

Davenport Dental Implants

As a Davenport dentist who does place dental implants, I would like to discuss the BASIC dental implant syetem that I use for my patients.

I will place my own implants including the titanium implant and the crown. Let me explain why I prefer the BASIC implant system.

Many systems use a brutal, bloody and painful system fo implant placement that involves peeling off the gum around the implant during implant placement. Not onlty is this method of dental implant placement painful and outdated, it damages the blood supply to the bone and the implant site diminishing the sucsess of the implant.

With the BASIC system. local anesthetic is given and a small opening the size of a pencil eraser is made in the gum. The implant hole is drilled and then the titanium dental implant is placed in the jaw. A small healing cap is placed over the implant and the implant heals for 4-6 months. Many of my patients have had no post operative pain. Again, the reason most patients have had severe post operatiev pain is because of the removal of the gum. In only rare instances is gum surgery needed.

As your Davenport dentist and your Quad Cities Dentist that’s the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth on dental implants in the Quad Cities and Davenport Iowa

Cosmetic Dentist In Davenport

As a general dentist in Davneport Iowa, people always ask me if I am a cosmetic dentist. I am tenpted to chuckle because all dentistry should be cosmetic, look natural and be healthy for your mouth and your body.

Because in my profession there are some dentist that think of their bank account instead the best interest of the patient, I would like to discuss a very delicate topic.

In our society, ugly is considered a disease that needs treatment. Breast implants, face lifts and in dentistry, crowns or veneers or laminates. Now I an not against veneers or laminates in the correct situation. But sometimes a veneer or crown is recommended when their is a better treatment option. Our priority is to first do no harm.

Let me tell you what happened in my office this last week. A 29 year old female patient came to my Davenport dental office for a second opinion. This patient has some crowded front teeth and two rather ugly crowns on her two front middle teeth. Another dentist had recommended crowning or capping all six front teeth because of the crowding. So the crowns would straighten her smile. The cost would be over $6,000 minimum. This patient was also not happy with her bite. Her front teeth were placed so far ahead of her bottom teeth she could not bite her food. This condition is call “overjet”. The ohter dentist said that her bite could be fixed with crowns. I did not agree. I had my associate give a third opinion and she agreed that this patient needed braces or orthodontic treatment. Why would we grind on perfectly good teeth because they were crowded. I explained to the patient that once the teeth were ground down to make crowns, it was down hill. The crowns would eventually need replacments and the costs and painwould continue for her lifetime.

I referred this patient to a Bettendorf orthodontist named Steven Mack for an evaluation. Could I have recommended crowns and made money off this patient? Yes, but our patient’s health and well being is our priority.

If this patient has orthodontic treatment, the cost will be about the same, this difference is that we will not destroy her front teeth but preserve them the way God made them. Instead of amputating her teeth will will enhance what Gog gave her.

Cereal, Kellogg, Sex and Caveman

We are told by the big food companies that cereal is a health food. Advertising claims that cereal lowers cholesterol and does all these wonderful things for our health. The truth of the matter is that cereal and grains in general are the least healthiest foods you can eat.

The cereal diet was promoted by Mr. Kellogg. Kellogg was obsessed with sex, I mean he was odsessed with not having having sex. Kellogg never had sex with his wife. Kellogg found sex disgusting and designed a diet to lower libido. Kellogg was a “religious” man who was misguided in his desire not to consumate his marriage. Incidentally, God makes it very clear that sex inside marriage is good and it is a sin not to have sex with your spouse.

Cereal is designed to lower your libido. Because cereal is a grain, it raises your trigylcerdies. Trigylceridies is a big risk factor for heart disease. So don’t eat cereal!Cereal is a scam designed by Kellogg for his own misguided obsession.

So if you can’t eat cereal, what should you eat for breakfast? What would a caveman eat? Would a caveman eat cereal? I eat meat, usually wild salmon, grassfed beef or eggs or some animal protein.

Cholesterol is necessary for life and good health. So don’t eat cereal, ever!

As a Davenport Dentist, I know that good oral health starts with diet. Cereal also promotes gum inflammation and tooth decay. Animal protein promotes good gum health and does not promote tooth decay.