Dental Implants

Dental implants are now an accepted treatment for missing teeth. Dental implants can be placed in healthy patients in about an hour. Although there are different sizes of implants and hundreds of companies that make dental implants, all dental implants require certain conditions for implant success. Over all, the five year survival rate of an implant depends on many factors. The patient must have healthy bone and a healthy body to increase the success of an implant. The maxillary bone or upper jaw bone is softer and not as dense as the mandibular or lower jaw bone. The lower jaw bone has a much higher success rate then the upper jaw for implants. The five year survival rate for implants is 85-95%.
Patients who smoke or who have have poor bone quality are discouraged from having dental implants. There must also be adequate bone width and height to receive a dental implant. If there is inadequate bone to accept a dental implant, then a bone graft is recommended.
The implant is a titanium root that is placed in the bone and gum. After the implant heals, a crown or tooth is cemented onto or into the implant. when finished and restored, the dental implant, looks natural, like any other tooth in your mouth

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