Tooth Whitening and Bleaching Part 2

In this post I will discuss the four ways to make and keep your teeth white.

I need to mention that many times patients have unrealistic expectations when it comes to tooth whitening. Sometimes as dentists we strive for the most natural look when it comes to tooth color. Sometimes patients expect “toilet bowl” white which can look very “fake” and distracts from the natural beauty of our teeth.

Here are the four ways to whiten your teeth.

1) chose your grandparents very carefully. What I mean is that the color of your teeth is genetic and some people have naturally whiter teeth than others. There is not much that can be done for medicine stained teeth or teeth that are grey or stained from excessive fluoride ingestion during childhood. In this extreme situations laminates may be the only option. 2) Diet- Some foods can stain teeth. Dark fruit juices, coffee tea and chocolate will stain teeth. 3) Whitening Toothpaste is my least favorite because these rely not so much on whitening gels as much as very abrasive substances in the toothpaste. These abrasives remove the stains but also abrade and wear off the enamel. Enamel does wear off and you never get anymore than you are born with. 4) Gels and Whitening agents. These can be divided into two categories. In Office tooth whitening systems like Zoom Tooth whitening and home or self tooth whitening stripes. The In Office or professional whitening agents are much stronger agents and work quickly. Because these agents are much stronger they work much faster. What may take three to four weeks at home can be accomplished in 45 minutes in the dental office. Because these agents are very strong they can damage the gums and soft tissue. The dentist is able to cover the gums and checks and isolate just your teeth for whitening. The at home treatments also work very well but will take three to four weeks to whiten your teeth. We offer an in home treatment that works very well. Crest Whitestripes, Crest 3D whitestripes Luxe also work very well and I highly recommend them. The other natural way you can whiten your teeth at home is with coconut oil. Rinse with about two teaspoons of coconut oil for about 25- 30 minutes. The hard part of the coconut oil is the amount of time it takes. But the coconut oil will also kill mouth bacteria as an added benefit.

Gum Disease and Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

Gum disease is a a risk factor for heart disease, pancreatic cancer and dementia among other disease. Although the exact etiology (exact mechanism) or connection between gum disease and other systemic is not understood. Many doctors prescribe cholesterol lowering drugs when a patient is at risk for heart disease because of high cholesterol. However, a key vitamin CoQ10 (ubiqunone) is depleted in heart tissue and gum tissue when a patient is on statin drugs like Lipitor. So for my patients who are on statin drugs I encourage then to consider CoQ10 supplementation for their gum health.

I recommend 20mg to 100mg of CoQ10 supplementation when a patient is on statin drugs. Also, it is important to find a CoQ10 supplement that is easily absorbed and for this reason I recommend Jarrow’s Formula. Jarrow’s vitamins are pharmaceutical grade and quality for maximum absorption and benefit. Also I recommend for cost savings and for ease of ordering and delivery.

Davenport Dentists that use Digital X-Rays

As your Davenport Dentist, we provide quality, state of the art diagnostic equipment and employ digital X-rays for our patients safety.
Digital X-rays use 90% less radiation and gives our group of Davenport Iowa dentist better images than traditional x-rays.

Davenport Iowa dentists that use use digital x-ray equipment protect the environment because there is no harmful chemicals used that need disposal. And when we use digital x-ray or digital images, we can safely store your information in a safe place and backed up offsite to a safe location that protects your privacy and your information. This group of Davenport dentists employees many state of the art technology for your care.
As your Davenport Dentists, we invest in digital technology for your benefit. There are over 70 Davenport Dentists in the Quad Cities, make sure your Davenport dentists uses current and safe technology for your benefit.

Symptoms of A Cavity

Question? What are the symptoms of a cavity or how do I know if I have a cavity?
Answer: Many times there are no symptoms of a cavity. when a tooth hurts it may be too late to fix the cavity with a simple filling.
Question: How do I know if I have a cavity?
Answer? The dentist will do an exam and x-ray images. Cavities that can be found on the bitting surface are seen by the denitst. X-rays are needed to see cavities between the teeth.
Question: What if my teeth hurt when I eat sweets?
Answer: If a tooth hurts when you eat sweets it indicates a leaky filling or a cavity
question: What if my tooth hurts when I eat cold foods?
Answer: sensivity to cold food may indicate root exposure or a sensitive filling. Cold sensitivity after a filling is not unusual.
Question: What if a tooth is sensitve to hot foods?
Answer: Sensitivity to hot foods indicate a damaged nerve that needs a root canal treatment.

How To Treat a Dry Socket

This is another question and answer about dry socket:
Q.What is a dry socket?
A. A dry socket is a local infection in the jaw bone usually after a tooth extraction.
Q. What are the symptoms of a dry socket?
A. Symptoms of a dry socket are extreme constant pain usually 4-5 days after a tooth extraction
Q. What is the treatment of a dry socket?
A. The best treatment for a dry socket is a visit to the dentist that extracted the tooth for placement of a medicine called iodoform paste placed in the socket
Q. Is there a home remedy or natural homeopathy treatment for dry socket?
A. A natural homeopathic treatment for dry socket is to apply clove oil to a damp gauze and bite on the gauze to cover the socket. You should first try to clean the socket of any food by rinsing the socket with a syringe if possible.

As your Quad Cities Dentist and a Davenport Dentist that treats dry sockets I suggest that you try a natural treatment first.

Davenport Dentist

How to find a Davenport dentist in Davenport Iowa.

Davenport Iowa has about 70 fantastic general dentist along with some of the best dental specialist in the region.

When you are looking for a Davenport Dentist here are a few things to keep in mind.

Find a dentist that has an office that is up to date in the following important areas.

1) Radiography. Ask if the dental office uses up to date digital x-ray equipment. Digital x-rays use 90% less raditation than old film x-rays. Digital x-rays can be safely store off site and protected from fire and storm damage.
2) Intraoral camera: Find an office that uses a modern intra oral camera to show you what is happening in your mouth
2) Diagnodent-Is a new laser cavity detector that is painless and detects cavities missed by traditional methods. Find a davenport dentist that uses a Diagnodent
3) Digital record keeping. Find an office that uses computer record keeping. Find a Davenport dentist that protects the safety of your dental records and radiographic images with modern offsite backup and safe encryption.
4) Officec Hours- Make sure the Davenport dental office has patient friendly evening hours.
5) Treatment options- ask if the Davenport dental office gives you a choice of trewatment options. Beware of big treatment plans that come along with high pressure tactics.
6) Copy of your exam: We give patients a copy of their radiographs and intra oral pictures so so can see the changes in your mouth.
7) Diet: Most dental problems are preventable. Most dental problems are caused by improper diet and not oral hygiene. Find a Davenport dentist that is knowledgeable in diet and proper nutrition. Proper diet can keep you out of the dental chair and healthy.

And that’s the whole tooth and nothing nut the tooth.

Davenport Dental Implants

As a Davenport dentist who does place dental implants, I would like to discuss the BASIC dental implant syetem that I use for my patients.

I will place my own implants including the titanium implant and the crown. Let me explain why I prefer the BASIC implant system.

Many systems use a brutal, bloody and painful system fo implant placement that involves peeling off the gum around the implant during implant placement. Not onlty is this method of dental implant placement painful and outdated, it damages the blood supply to the bone and the implant site diminishing the sucsess of the implant.

With the BASIC system. local anesthetic is given and a small opening the size of a pencil eraser is made in the gum. The implant hole is drilled and then the titanium dental implant is placed in the jaw. A small healing cap is placed over the implant and the implant heals for 4-6 months. Many of my patients have had no post operative pain. Again, the reason most patients have had severe post operatiev pain is because of the removal of the gum. In only rare instances is gum surgery needed.

As your Davenport dentist and your Quad Cities Dentist that’s the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth on dental implants in the Quad Cities and Davenport Iowa

Cereal, Kellogg, Sex and Caveman

We are told by the big food companies that cereal is a health food. Advertising claims that cereal lowers cholesterol and does all these wonderful things for our health. The truth of the matter is that cereal and grains in general are the least healthiest foods you can eat.

The cereal diet was promoted by Mr. Kellogg. Kellogg was obsessed with sex, I mean he was odsessed with not having having sex. Kellogg never had sex with his wife. Kellogg found sex disgusting and designed a diet to lower libido. Kellogg was a “religious” man who was misguided in his desire not to consumate his marriage. Incidentally, God makes it very clear that sex inside marriage is good and it is a sin not to have sex with your spouse.

Cereal is designed to lower your libido. Because cereal is a grain, it raises your trigylcerdies. Trigylceridies is a big risk factor for heart disease. So don’t eat cereal!Cereal is a scam designed by Kellogg for his own misguided obsession.

So if you can’t eat cereal, what should you eat for breakfast? What would a caveman eat? Would a caveman eat cereal? I eat meat, usually wild salmon, grassfed beef or eggs or some animal protein.

Cholesterol is necessary for life and good health. So don’t eat cereal, ever!

As a Davenport Dentist, I know that good oral health starts with diet. Cereal also promotes gum inflammation and tooth decay. Animal protein promotes good gum health and does not promote tooth decay.

Cosmetic Dentist Davenport Iowa

When looking for a cosmetic dentist in Davenport Iowa, you have many choices. Davenport Iowa has many great, highly skilled dentists and specialist. Be certain that the dentist has your best interest in mind, not just his pocket book.
1) Choose a dentist that is concerned for your overall oral and general health.
2) Choose a dentist that gives you options that you are comfortable with. There are man treatment options for your cosmetic dental needs. All dentistry should be cosmetic. The treatment should look natural and feel natural.
3) Don’t be pressured. If a dentist pressures you for treatment, he may need the treatment more than you. Get a second opinion.
4) Run as fast as you can from a dentist that recommends removal of perfectly good silver fillings to be replaced by white fillings. If you choose silver filling removal that is your choice. But when a dentist recommends amalgam filling removal for health reasons, then you have greedy dentist in your midst. Run as fast as you can to another dentist.
5) find a Quad Cities dentist that recommends conservative treatment. Sometimes braces or orthodontics is a better treatment option for crooked teeth than grinding the teeth down for full crowns.

Quad Cities Emergency Dental care

When you need emergency dental care, you can count on Main Family Dental Care. Toothaches can be very painful, troublesome and even life threatening. Our office policy is to see emergency dental patients the same day during our regular business hours. Don’t go another day in pain, call our office today and start feeling better.