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Main Family Dental Care of Davenport offers complete dental services for the entire family. Dr. Griebahn is committed to the complete health of his Davenport dental patients. His in-depth study of the whole person, including nutritional needs, sets him apart from the mainstream. He is dedicated to doing what is BEST for the patient, but only when the patient thinks it is the best as well. He routinely gives alternative treatment and nutritional recommendations based on vast amounts of personal research, giving the patient options that may not have been explored in the past. He is also committed to providing anxiety-free dentistry, using better forms of anesthesia, and digital radiography to reduce radiation exposure, as well as providing financial alternatives to reduce stress for his patients.

State Of The Art Dentistry Services

Dr. Griebahn and his Davenport Dentists are dedicated to providing state of the art dentistry to their patients, using the latest in dental technology and materials.  After a complete renovation of the operatories, including the latest in computer technology and digital radiography, Dr. Griebahn and his Davenport dental staff are confident they have all the tools to provide the highest standards of dental care for the diverse community of Davenport, Bettendorf and the surrounding Quad Cities area.

The Latest Dental Technology

With the addition of the dental hygiene staff, Dr. Griebahn provides his dental patients with the surest treatment for continued dental health-regular preventive care.  His licensed staff is able to provide most of the preventive procedures necessary for a great, long-lasting smile, as well as the periodontal procedures that can help patients avoid the need for referral to a periodontal specialist.  In addition to their preventive skills, the hygiene staff can also provide cosmetic whitening.

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