Why Do We Have Sinuses?

As a dentist, we are well aware of the anatomy of the sinuses located behind your face. The sinuses communicate with your airways and with your upper teeth. A sinus infection can cause painful toothaches. There are also sinuses located in your forehead.

But, why did God give us sinuses? There are several reasons. One may be to make the head lighter, a hollow structure is lighter and actually stronger than a solid structure. Maybe the hollow cavity is used for making nosie or sounds when speaking. Nut I think the ‘coolest” reason is for cooling purposes. Because the brain is like a computer, it operates better in a cool environment. The sinuses are like act as an air colled radiator system keeping the brain cool.
Yawning may be a way to cool the brain down. When you yawn you are using air to cool off the brain. Pretty cool!

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