What is A Dry Socket?

This post disscussion will be about the cause and cure for a dry socket.

Q. What is a dry socket?
A. A dry socket is called localized osteitits, or inflammation in a localized area usually after a tooth extraction. A dry socket hurts really bad. A dry socket is when the blood clot fails to ahere or falls out of the tooth socket after an extraction.
Q. What causes a dry socket?
A. As previoulsy stated, a dry socket happens after a tooth extraction, usually a dry socet happens 4-5 days after a tooth extraction. It is unusual to have a dry socket the same day or nexy dat after a tooth extraction.
Smoking is the number one casue of a dry socket. When you smoke after an extraction, the sucking on the cigarrette and the dirty smoke pulls the clot from the socket and leaves raw bare exposed bone, causing severe pain. I have seen strong grown men cry from a dry socket.
Q. What are the symptoms of a dry socket? Severe pain 4-5 dyas after an extraction. No clot in the socket is also another symptom. If you smoke after an extraction and you have severe pain, you most likely have a dry socket.
Q. How is a dry socket treated? The dentist needs to place a medicine called Iodoform paste in the socket to kill the infection and encourage blood clot formatiom. Oral antibiotics will not work, and pain killers are not effective with a dry socket.
Q. Is there a home remedy for dry socket beofre I go to the dentist?
A. You can protect the bare bone socket by placing vasoline on a gauze and coverign the socket with gauze until you see your dentist. A natural way to treat a dry socket is to place a gauze with raw honey over the socket. It must be raw honey, regular honey does not work. You can also place oil of oregano into the socket. Be careful to not over do it with the oil of oregano. Try not to swallow oil of oregano because it is a powerful antibiotic that will kill the bacterai in your gut if to much is swallowed.

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