Toothaches Part 1

What exactly is a toothache and what causes a toothache?
In this series you will know better than most dentists the cause toothaches. Because of misdiagnosis many patients waste time and costs with unnecessary treatments. You can help your dentist and relieve most toothaches by knowing what makes a toothache feel better or worse.
A toothache can be totally harmless and in some cases a warning of a very life threatening condition.
Without even looking at the tooth in question I can determine the cause of a toothache by asking the patient some simple questions. In dental school I learned that the patient will always tell you what is wrong with them simply by asking questions and then listening to the things that cause the tooth to ache. Also asking the patient what makes the tooth feel better. In the next part I will discuss the different sensations that cause pain, hot, cold, sweet, biting and spontaneous pain.

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