Tooth whitening and Tooth bleaching Part 1

Tooth whitening and tooth bleaching is a popular in office and at home dental treatment.
I will answer some of the most common questions about tooth bleaching and tooth whitening.
I must mention first that teeth color and response to tooth whitening and bleaching is different for each person. Some people naturally have whiter teeth, some people respond better to tooth whitening, some people’s teeth stain differently than others and diet is also an important component of tooth color. So you cannot compare the color of your teeth to another person or expect the same results as someone else.
Also understand that the main difference between a dental office whitening and in home tooth whitening is the speed at which your teeth whiten. Because the dental office whitening system is supervised by a dentist, higher concentrations are used in the dental office. Higher concentrations are used in a dental office because the dentist can control where these powerful agents are applied. If these strong whitening agents are applied at home and not isolated by a dentist they can cause serious burns to the soft tissue in your mouth such as gums and checks causing serious pain and possible permanent damage. Over the counter whitening gels are less concentrated and cause less damage to the gums however the process of whitening will take longer for your teeth to whiten.
In the next post I will talk about the four ways to whiten or bleach your teeth.

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