Tooth Whitening and Bleaching Part 2

In this post I will discuss the four ways to make and keep your teeth white.

I need to mention that many times patients have unrealistic expectations when it comes to tooth whitening. Sometimes as dentists we strive for the most natural look when it comes to tooth color. Sometimes patients expect “toilet bowl” white which can look very “fake” and distracts from the natural beauty of our teeth.

Here are the four ways to whiten your teeth.

1) chose your grandparents very carefully. What I mean is that the color of your teeth is genetic and some people have naturally whiter teeth than others. There is not much that can be done for medicine stained teeth or teeth that are grey or stained from excessive fluoride ingestion during childhood. In this extreme situations laminates may be the only option. 2) Diet- Some foods can stain teeth. Dark fruit juices, coffee tea and chocolate will stain teeth. 3) Whitening Toothpaste is my least favorite because these rely not so much on whitening gels as much as very abrasive substances in the toothpaste. These abrasives remove the stains but also abrade and wear off the enamel. Enamel does wear off and you never get anymore than you are born with. 4) Gels and Whitening agents. These can be divided into two categories. In Office tooth whitening systems like Zoom Tooth whitening and home or self tooth whitening stripes. The In Office or professional whitening agents are much stronger agents and work quickly. Because these agents are much stronger they work much faster. What may take three to four weeks at home can be accomplished in 45 minutes in the dental office. Because these agents are very strong they can damage the gums and soft tissue. The dentist is able to cover the gums and checks and isolate just your teeth for whitening. The at home treatments also work very well but will take three to four weeks to whiten your teeth. We offer an in home treatment that works very well. Crest Whitestripes, Crest 3D whitestripes Luxe also work very well and I highly recommend them. The other natural way you can whiten your teeth at home is with coconut oil. Rinse with about two teaspoons of coconut oil for about 25- 30 minutes. The hard part of the coconut oil is the amount of time it takes. But the coconut oil will also kill mouth bacteria as an added benefit.

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