This Exercise Can Kill You

We all hear that exercise is healthy especially aerobic exercise. And more is better, right? Wrong!
It turns out that recent research in Canada on endurance exercise or marathon type exercise shows maybe too much of a good thing is bad.
While moderate aerobic exercise improves our health and lowers our risk of heart disease, marathon type exercise or long distance running increase heart disease risk by 7 times. What?
Here’s some of the research findings:
1) Extended marathon exercise had a seven fold increase in heart disease risk
2) Long distance runners have increases levels of inflammation in their blood, not good.
3) 50% of long distance runners show evidence of heart muscle scarring
4) Long distance runners have diminished heart function after a long distance race.
5) Long distance runners have an increase in levels of an enzyme which indicates heart damage
6) Long Distance runners have increases levels of a stress hormone called cortisol. Ever notice how old long distance runners look?

Train like our ancestors did. Short bursts of intense exercise with intervals of rests or walking. When we hunted our meals, we walked, then we ran for short bursts with slower intervals in between. This type of exercise is called interval training.

I am reminded of the story of the original “Marathon” and what happened to the runner. When the Greeks defeated an invading army in Marathon Greece, the messenger or long distance runner, ran from Marathon Greece to Athens Greece, about 26 mile, to give the message of victory to the citizens of Athens. As the poor sole ran into the city yelling, “Nike, Nike” which means victory in Greek, he dropped dead from the long distance run.

As your Davenport Dentist, that’s the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.

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