The Benefits of Braces

In a previous posts, I talked about the problems with braces or orthodontic treatment. As a side note, the word”orthodontic” the word means “to change the teeth”. The orthodontist is a dentist with advanced training and specializes in treating patients who need braces.

Back to the original topic of braces, there are many other reasons besides esthetics to have orthodontic treatment. Here are some of the reasons your dentist will recommend orthodontic treatment.
1) Poor occlusion: Occlusion refers to how your teeth fit together when you bite. If your bite is incorrect or you do not evenly bite on all your teeth, you can cause serious damage to your teeth and the gums.
2) Crooked or misaligned teeth can cause damage to your gums, because food can become packed between your teeth causing damage to your gums and making it easier to get cavities.
3) Sometimes the bones in your face that hold the teeth are misaligned and can prevent you from sleeping with your mouth opened. Sleeping with your mouth open can cause serious damage and gum disease. Sleeping with an open mouth increases your risk for other serious health issues. I will talk about this in another blog.
4) Sometimes braces are recommended only for esthetic issues, crooked or misaligned teeth may not be your thing. For a perfect smile, you may want braces. And remember you’re never too old.
5) Sometimes it is medically necessary to have braces. Some patients cannot close their mouths or chew their food properly. When you cannot chew you food properly, you may become seriously malnourished.

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