Look 10 years Younger

Want to look 10 years younger? East more fish. eat more wild salmon. It turns out that the stuff that make wild salmon red can make you look and fell younger. The stuff that makes salmon and shrimp red is called astaxnthin. This stuff is a very powerful antioxidant and it has other health benefits.
Notice, I keep talking about wild salmon. the farm stuff is dyed red with a chemical. The wild salmon is pink because of the shrimp the salmon eat. The shrimp are red because of the algae they eat. Never eat farm raised salmon. I never eat salmon at a restaurant because restaurant salmon is never wild, it cost too much. I get my wild salmon from VitalChoice.com. This is line caught salmon and flash frozen on the boat. I also never eat fresh salmon because freezing will kill any parasites like worms that salmon may have. Wild salmon usually has worm problems, farm raised salmon has lots of worm problems, so that’s another reason I don’t do farm raised salmon.
This astaxnthin also does lots of other neat stuff, like lower cholesterol, raise HDL the good cholesterol, help cure acid reflux. Also astaxnthin lowers triglycerides, improves vision and lower C-reactive protein, a marker for heart disease. And the free radical anti oxidative properties, you will get less wrinkles and look much younger. Oh one more thing, astaxnthin improves men’s sexual function.

As usual, this is the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth from your Davenport dentist. Dr Griebahn

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