How To Find A Davenport Dentist

Davenport Iowa has over 70 general or family dentists. Davenport also has many highly skilled dental specialists. When choosing a Davenport Dentist there are several things to consider and questions you should ask.
1) Ask if the office uses digital x-ray equipment. Digital x-rays are safer because they use 90% less radiation
2) Ask who monitors the sterilization equipment. Our office equipment is monitored by the University of Iowa ZCollege of dentistry.
3) Ask if they used a Diagnodent cavity laser detector. Thew Diagnodent uses a painless laser to find cavities missed with a dental pick or dental explorer.
4) Ask what lab is they use to make their crowns. Some dental offices use cheaper out of state or out of the country labs to save money. Many of these foreign labs use harmful metals like lead and nickel in your crowns.
5) Find an office that has patient friendly evening office hours.
6) Find and office that will listen to what you want done. Don’t be pressured to have extensive mouth re-habs done. The dentist may need that big case more than you.
As a Davenport Dental Office, we are here to serve you. And we will always tell you the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth.

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