Gum Disease and Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

Gum disease is a a risk factor for heart disease, pancreatic cancer and dementia among other disease. Although the exact etiology (exact mechanism) or connection between gum disease and other systemic is not understood. Many doctors prescribe cholesterol lowering drugs when a patient is at risk for heart disease because of high cholesterol. However, a key vitamin CoQ10 (ubiqunone) is depleted in heart tissue and gum tissue when a patient is on statin drugs like Lipitor. So for my patients who are on statin drugs I encourage then to consider CoQ10 supplementation for their gum health.

I recommend 20mg to 100mg of CoQ10 supplementation when a patient is on statin drugs. Also, it is important to find a CoQ10 supplement that is easily absorbed and for this reason I recommend Jarrow’s Formula. Jarrow’s vitamins are pharmaceutical grade and quality for maximum absorption and benefit. Also I recommend for cost savings and for ease of ordering and delivery.

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