Davenport Root Canal

Q, What is a root canal Treatment?
A. Root canal treatment or enodontic therapy is the treatment of damaged or injured nerve of the tooth. When a nerve is injured or dies, the remaining infected or damaged nerve must be carefully removed.
A small opening is made on the bitting surface of the tooth. The nerve canal is carefully cleaned and steriized. After the nerve canal is cleaned, the canal is filled with a filling material to prevent amy future infections. The small opening of the tooth is filled just like any other filling. Many times a crown is needed to cover and protect the tooth after root canal treatment
Q. What are the signs of needing root canal treatment?
A. If a tooth hurts when you eat sweets or sour foods, the tooth most likely needs a filling or needs repair of a leaky filling. If a tooth hurts when you eat cold foods, the tooth has an injured or bruised nerve. If a tooth hurts when you eat hot foods, the nerve is damaged and root canal treatemtn is needed. If you have a constant throbbing ache in your tooth, you will need root canal treatemnt. If the tooth is abcessed, you will need treatment. Somtimes a tooth wil hurt when you bite. This may indicate the need for treatment, it could also indicate a cracked tooth. Swelling may also indicate the need for treatemnt.
Q. What does the treatment cost?
A. the costs for a front tooth is about $500, the costs for a molar or back tooth is about $800 -$900
Q. Are there other treatment options?
A. If treatment is not done, the tooth will require an extraction. The tooth can be replaced with a dental implant or a bridge.

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