Davenport Dentist

How to find a Davenport dentist in Davenport Iowa.

Davenport Iowa has about 70 fantastic general dentist along with some of the best dental specialist in the region.

When you are looking for a Davenport Dentist here are a few things to keep in mind.

Find a dentist that has an office that is up to date in the following important areas.

1) Radiography. Ask if the dental office uses up to date digital x-ray equipment. Digital x-rays use 90% less raditation than old film x-rays. Digital x-rays can be safely store off site and protected from fire and storm damage.
2) Intraoral camera: Find an office that uses a modern intra oral camera to show you what is happening in your mouth
2) Diagnodent-Is a new laser cavity detector that is painless and detects cavities missed by traditional methods. Find a davenport dentist that uses a Diagnodent
3) Digital record keeping. Find an office that uses computer record keeping. Find a Davenport dentist that protects the safety of your dental records and radiographic images with modern offsite backup and safe encryption.
4) Officec Hours- Make sure the Davenport dental office has patient friendly evening hours.
5) Treatment options- ask if the Davenport dental office gives you a choice of trewatment options. Beware of big treatment plans that come along with high pressure tactics.
6) Copy of your exam: We give patients a copy of their radiographs and intra oral pictures so so can see the changes in your mouth.
7) Diet: Most dental problems are preventable. Most dental problems are caused by improper diet and not oral hygiene. Find a Davenport dentist that is knowledgeable in diet and proper nutrition. Proper diet can keep you out of the dental chair and healthy.

And that’s the whole tooth and nothing nut the tooth.

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