Bettendorf Orthodontists

I am a general dentist in Davenport Iowa. Recently I had an inflection point with my own dental health. I am middle aged and I have always had straight teeth, however my bite or occlusion was less than perfect. So over Christmas, I was eating some popcorn and I chipped one of my teeth. Now I have beeb fortunate to not have needed much dental treatment in my life. My tooth chipped becasue of mya bad bite.

So I visited ny favorite Bettendorf orthodontist, Steven Mack. Dr Mack is my orthodontist and I am now a dental patient. I must confess, it has been difficult being on the other side of the chair. I had no choice. My other option was to do nothing and watch my teeth chip away and then require crowns.

There are many great orhtodontist in the Quad Cities, Bettendorf and Davenport. Dr Mack is a specialist trained in orhtodontics to treat misalinged teeth. Many times crowded or misaligned teeth can cause damage to your teeth or to the gums. Many times I will recommend orthodontics for adults in order to protect their teeth. So braces are not just for cosmetic reasons. Properly aligned teeth can prevent cavities, prevent cavities and prevent your teeth for breaking or chipping.

Dr Mack is a Bettendorf orthodontist who will provide a free on obligation exam and consultation.

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