Affordable Dentures In Davenport Iowa

Patients always ask for an affordable denture when considering a new or repairing an existing denture.
Let’s talk about how dentures are different.
1) Teeth: A cheaper or more affordable denture will use a cheaper less lifelike teeth. The cheaper teeth are more likely to break or wear requiring costly and embarrassing inconvienence in repairing the broken denture. Cheaper teeth absorb more stain and do not look as real or life like
2)Base Acrylic: We use a high quality heat cured denture base that is approved by the American Dental Association. The heat cure process take at least 24 hours to properly cure the denture. If you go to a cut rate denture clinic, they will make you a denture the same day. When the denture is made the same day, a cold cure method is used the cold cure method is more prone to breakage, wear and short life span of the denture. Also the cold cure method is more porous and leads to more bacteria sticking to the denture and leading bad breath and discoloration
3) Complete exam: Make sure that the dentist does a complete oral cancer screening, Many of the cut rate clinics do not do a complete oral exam.

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