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Welcome to Main Family Dental Care of Davenport Iowa

Welcome from your dentists at Main Family Dental Care. Dr. Lynn Griebahn & Associates invite you to our Davenport, Iowa dental clinic for all of your dental care needs. We provide emergency dental service, family service and new patients are always welcome. If you are looking for a Davenport, IA dentist, a Bettendorf dentist or a Quad Cities dentist, Main Family Dental care is conveniently located in Davenport and is here to serve your dental needs.

Family Dental Programs
Main Family Dental Care is your Davenport family dentist. We offer family dental services and children are welcome here! If you are looking for Davenport area Dentists, we're conveniently located on Main St. in Davenport Iowa!

Emergency Dental Care
Have a dental emergency? Don't be another day in pain! Davenport Dentists at Main Family Dental Care offer convenient, immediate, same day appointments for dental emergencies. Call the dental office if you are in pain.

General Dentistry Services
Preventive dental care, teeth cleaning,oral exams and more, as your Davenport Iowa dentist we provide the general dental services you expect. Visit our Davenport dental office today.

Be satisfied and proud of your teeth

Before you make a decision about which Davenport Dentist you are going to choose, you owe it to yourself to drop by and visit our office. You will not find another Davenport Dentist like the ones at Main Family Dental Care and you'll know the difference the minute you visit us!

What our patients say:

I came to Main Family Dental Care very self conscious of my teeth and smile. After many sessions and multiple warm greetings I am leaving extremely satisfied of my teeth and smile.
- Adrienne T. Davenport, IA
“My family doctor told me that Dr. Griebahn saved my life.  Dr. Griebahn told me during an exam that I had acid reflux and I should make an appointment right away with my family doctor. I did and was sent on to a specialist where I found out that I not only have acid reflux but also Barrett’s Esophagus (a pre-cancerous condition in my throat).  Without treatment I could have ended up with serious damage to my throat and possibly cancer as well.”
- Carrie M., age 38, accountant
“Everyone says a root canal is the worst-well not here at Main (Family Dental Care).  I have had cavity fillings that hurt much more.  You can never be too numb here at Main Family Dental Care.  I could not be happier.  Thank you all.”
- Tony M, age 24, warehouse supervisor
I have searched my whole life for a dentist with a good staff that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I would highly recommend everyone to come to Main Family Dental Care to experience the same treatment and values I have looked for my whole life. 
– Mark B. Master Designer - Miss Iowa Hair Stylist, Davenport IA
Why choose us as your Davenport Dentist?
Main Family Dental Care of Davenport offers complete dental services for the entire family.
Dr. Griebahn is committed to the complete health of his Davenport dental patients.  His in-depth study of the whole person, including nutritional needs, sets him apart from the mainstream.  He is dedicated to doing what is BEST for the patient, but only when the patient thinks it is the best as well.  He routinely gives alternative treatment and nutritional recommendations based on vast amounts of personal research, giving the patient options that may not have been explored in the past.  He is also committed to providing anxiety-free dentistry, using better forms of anesthesia, and digital radiography to reduce radiation exposure, as well as providing financial alternatives to reduce stress for his patients. When you are looking for a Davenport Dentist, the choice is clear!